New Plant Positive Journal: Your Ultimate Guide to Thriving on a Healthy, Vibrant Vegan Lifestyle!

AVAILABLE NOW! The Plant Positive Journal.

Create a BODY and LIFE you LOVE by successfully managing your TIME and your MIND

Perhaps you are plant-based curious?

Maybe you are already vegan but need a healthier approach to nutrition?


In this journal you will learn how to consistently prioritise food,

exercise and other healthy habits that build on each other to have

a compounding and lasting effect.


My name is Kate Galli and I am passionate about living a plant-based lifestyle.

Benefit from the wisdom I have cultivated from thousands of clients

mentored over the last seventeen years.

A Peak Inside The Journal.


Live and Love a Healthy
Plant-Based Lifestyle.

This journal follows a 12 Month Program however
is not dated so can be used at ANY time of the year.

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“Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most. “

healthification-section9-kate-galliHey, I’m Kate Galli. I’ve been a health coach for the past 12 years and have helped hundreds of people achieve their weight loss, health and fitness goals.

Like many of my clients, I used to think that high protein, low carb, primarily one ingredient vegetarian was an oxymoron! Now I follow a 100% plant based approach to eating. I love every single meal.

That certainly was not always the case though.

I’ve focused on restrictive diets to endure and hours of hateful cardio to force my body through.

After working with my private clients for many years, I realised there is ONE common element necessary for you to be successful in your transformation – the right MINDSET.

Which is why I’ve created Healthification – Strong Body Green Planet. To help you grow and maintain your certainty and self belief. To steer you through a maze of confusing and conflicting information. To show you the right things to do to be healthy, happy and Plant Strong!

Whether you’re doing it for the Animals. Or for the Planet. Or for your Health.

Join the Strong Body Green Planet Community and make your transition to a strong and healthy vegetarian/vegan lifestyle easier surrounded by other passionate, supportive, like minded people.

I am passionate about growing the Healthification Movement.

One fit, healthy, #plantstrong (!) vego/vegan at a time we can work towards ending inhumane and unsustainable animal agriculture.

Kate Galli

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